Sunday, 21 November 2010

too excited.

I know I haven't posted in a month. I am getting back on the blog train.. and I'm serious this time. I'll be updating at least once a week, especially now that things have seemed to slow down a bit at EAC.
Major events:
I am going to Rio De Janeiro in THREE DAYSSSSSSSSSS!
Super. super. excited.
We're staying in Ipanema... and I plan to visit the Christo, Pao de Acucar, Lapa, and much much more. Lots of time for some samba and tanning on the beach in between. The best part is that we have time off for Thanksgiving, so for the rest of Brazil it'll be a regular week, and it probably won't be flooded with too many outside visitors. This will most likely be the first of many visits to Rio, as it seems everyone is totally in love with the place.
My Portuguese teacher told me about a restaurant called Apravizel where you can sit in a treehouse overlooking the entire city. I plan on having a meal there one night :)

- I also bought a ticket to Salvador to visit with Janelle and Lisa early next year. AND a ticket to Argentina for my spring break in April.

- I will be buying a ticket to the States soon to visit over the summer. I want to spend the month of July there. A week with Funk in Miami, a week in Gainesville/Ormond Beach, and then a couple of weeks in NY :) SOOO Excited for everything coming up.

In present day news, I visited an afrocultural art fair last night called Batucaloca, with Lisa. It was pretty excellent. We first got picked up by Ju, my most favorite Brasilera, and she took us to a Churrasco (BBQ) at a freinds house. Really friendly people, and a beautiful house with a pool. We ate some chicken, grilled cubes of cheese, salad, and popped open some bubbly. Then at midnight we left for the festival and stayed till about 3. The music was super awesome. We got to see some capoeira, dance to some African tribal beats, and socialize. I think I also fell in love with a band named Flautins Matua. The band consisted of about 6 flute players, and three percussionists. They music is traditional Brazilian flute music, but they stire it up by dancing while they play, and getting the audience to participate as well. We had so much fun, and Lisa and I are now officially groupies. I looked up their next show, and it's in Barao Geraldo in December the day after my family gets here. I think I'll be taking them to check it out, because I know they'd enjoy it a ton.

Also I bought this super cute headband. I wish I could make this kind of stuff. so cute

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