Friday, 23 September 2011

Apartamento Mattison- culinary castle, yo.

Luc has been living with me here in Brazil the last three weeks (and hopefully for a while). It has been pretty awesome being able to show him around Campinas. We are currently planning a trip with 5 other co-workers to visit Florianopolis in November. I also want to take him to Sao Paulo for a more economical, yet equally as fun getaway on a weekend. I feel pretty lucky that life has worked out this way so far. I have extremely awesome brothers, and I consider both of them my best friends. I wish Ben could be here too.

Anyway, I wanted to post some of the meals we've been having lately. Cooking with two people in the apartment is much more fun. I have made more cakes, cookies, and sweets in the last few weeks than I did all last year, as a result of having another person to share them with. I used to avoid making so many cakes because I tend to eat half of all the confections I create... It is way more fun to spread the fruits of my labor around.

Luc is also an awesome cook. He is way more talented in the "salgado" area, or salty dishes. He made this a couple days ago with herbs from our balcony garden! Homemade pesto pasta with red pepper and onions, and this AMAZING pumpkin puree with ginger, rosemary, baby potatoes, and several spices. I really need him to teach me how to make it because it was one of the most delicious things ever. Pumpkin is sooo good.

All the meals have been made using veggies from the street market. I go every Saturday, and the difference in price between buying produce there or at the supermarket is pretty insane.

I also made this stirfry using ingredients from the market (purple cabbage, shitake mushrooms, chicken, broccolini, greens, and brussel sprouts).
I took a picture because it looks like Donatello.

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  1. I like the Donatello dish. He's the smart one, you know?