Saturday, 11 September 2010


herbs on the balcony :) seeds and nuts from the hippie fair.

Last night I had dinner with Lisa. Really great company, she makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe sometimes. We got a little lost, asked for directions a lot (with no success), and then finally Ju found us in front of the grocery store. Not having a cell phone can be tricky... I think it's finally time to get one (my main task today). That also means I'm becoming more social. It's a very good sign that a cell phone is now necessary.

Juliana took Lisa and I to a bar where a band played Journey and Bon Jovi cover songs all night. SO Awesome! The band was called "Hollywood Way"
We danced a lot & made some friends. 4/5 of the band had super long hair. I also praticed Portuguese by speaking to tons of strangers, which is a plus considering my class had to get canceled this week because of Brazilian Independence day.

I have to give up sleeping in this country because if I even try to get 8 hours a night, I'm missing something terribly fun.

----I'm deep cleansing my apartment, and then posting pictures of it when its had its makeover.

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