Thursday, 9 September 2010


Last weekend I made some new Brazilian friends (two super cool Julianas) and traveled to the island of Ilhabela along with Lisa and Janelle( super cool American lady friends). I wish I could put into words just how AMAZING this place was.. but it's very hard. It was the epitome of beauty.

Some highlights:
- mountains at the beach
-drinking out of coconuts
-buying a whole freshly caught fish and grilling it with eggplant and peppers for din din
-Meeting Junior, a family friend of Juliana's, and Muni, his tiny shitzu dog
-Going on a hike to see three waterfalls and tons of exotic plants
- seeing a palm tree with bright red roots coming out of the ground like tiny snakes
-Visiting the same bar three nights in a row for a mixture of live samba music, surf rock, and 90's alternative rock.
-Making tons of friends at said bar, practicing Portuguese, and getting invited to sing in English on stage with the band.
-a very long car ride back (6 hours of traffic) yet spending it with good company, and laughing a lot.

I wish every weekend was like this. It totally recharged my batteries.. it makes me so excited to see more of Brazil :)

Lisa and Janelle
eu e MUNI!

two Julianas and one Camilee

we kayaked while the sun set
this is Ilhabela!


  1. That's awesome, what a cool place.

  2. Sounds amazing, jealous! I'll just have to come see Brazil for myself : )

    Three waterfalls! : )