Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Embu Das Artes

Last weekend, Lisa and I visted Embu das Artes. We started by visiting Sao Paulo, and going to the "Bodies" exhibit there, as well as going to Liberdade, the Japanese area of town. We ate the superbestotimomuitobom sushi there, and bought some pirated Dvds. The Bodies exhibit was also really interesting, and I loved most every part of it, except the parts that sliced the human body laterally, so we look like a piece of bacon (another reason I never want to eat bacon again, or most meat for that matter). The part where it showed a smoker's lung and a non-smoker's lung, also made me glad I'm not a smoker. pretty crazy stuff...
Here's a picture of the creepiest thing I saw there:

yep, that's the nervous system. looks like something out of the movie "Aliens"

The coolest thing was probably the alveoli of the lungs, and seeing all the circulatory system...SO MANY BLOOD VESSELS! Humans are amazing.
also, seeing just how many nerve connections there are from our legs/ feet to the rest of our bodies.

Then we made our way to Embu das Artes, a small town dedicated to showcasing artists and their many crafts. You could find everything here: paintings, homemade cachaca/cheese/wine/hot sauce (I bought one cachaca and hot sauce), paintings, clothing,jewlwery, puppets, food, etc.

I brought home tons of stuff. I dig going places with Lisa.. she's a pretty awesome travel buddy.

Capoeira in the streeeeeets

Yes we CAN represent in Brazil! And next to Jesus, no less...

Accordian player

artsy fartsy

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  1. dear milla,
    I lub your blog and reading about your life in brazil. Can't wait to visit!!!! XOXO jones