Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ponte Preta Futbol Cloobi

I attended my first Brazilian soccer match tonight thanks to Pierre, the most wonderfully adorable Portuguese teacher ever. He took 6 of his students (Kim, Janelle, and I included in the mix) to see his favorite team Ponte Preta, which is the first emblem on the page. It was a pretty amusing couple of hours. Lots of cheering, non-stop samba drumming, jumping up and down, and throwing our arms in the air to show disagreement with the ref's calls on the team. The best part was how many times I heard the word 'PUTAAAAAAA!" yelled in the hour and a half I was there. The most popular phrase being the equivalent of "WHO IS THE WHORE THAT RAISED YOU?!?!" in English. I watched several kids, probably about 7 or 8 years old, yelling a string of cuss words every time the goal was missed on our part.

haha, I say "our", but in reality I do intend on attending a match for both of the Campinas teams before deciding which one I'll be an official fan for.. I think Pierre is trying to rope us into his club by making it out first game, and he may very well have a hand in my final decision. The other team is Guarani, the green emblem above.

We stayed till about ten minuted were left in the game, and the score was still 0-0. Literally a SECOND after we walked out of the gate, Ponte Preta scored. Although I wish we could have still been in the bleachers, it was fun to run back into the stadium and watch everyone celebrate. I guess I'll just have to go to another game to see it happen again.

Some pictures:

a HUGE flag that the crowd moves up the bleachers at the start of the game. No exaggeration here, It's really HUGE, like parachute style.
Their mascot is a gorilla with super sharp fangs!

Kim likes the band.

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