Monday, 2 August 2010

boa noite

As much as I'm loving Campinas as a city, and the people I'll be working with, adjusting to a new school can be overwhelming. New names, faces, schedules, language, reading and math series, online grading and curriculum planning.. just to name a few.
Many of my teaching supplies are in a shipment that won't arrive till next month, and students come in on Wednesday. I can't help feeling a bit anxious about having everything ready for the first three days of school. Fortunately, the other 5th grade teacher will be a great help because she's worked there for 7 years and is very eager to share her ideas and plans.
Still, I feel like there is SO much I still don't know. My main task tomorrow is to forget about the small things (ex: "will I have all my bulletin boards done?") and tackle the most important stuff first (ex: "What will I be doing in math/reading Wednesday when the kids come in?") I'm going to be working pretty late tonight and tomorrow... I think I'll also be working on a day by day basis for a while.
I'd do anything for school to start next week.. I feel like two days in the classroom is cutting it a bit close for "pre-planning" time. But hey, I'll get it done because I have to.

Anyway, I'm trying to push all anxiety producing thoughts out of my head and focus on the positive. Like all the awesome stencils and graffiti I see on the way to the bus stop.

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