Friday, 9 July 2010

Argie town

Hello from Cordoba :) I got to Argentina on Wednesday, after a pretty crazy trip. After arriving at the airport at 3 AM, everyone on the plane was informed that the airport was closed due to a light snow and fog (as were the two other major airports in the area). Long story short, we ended up going BACK to Brazil to the same city we had just come from. pretty ridiculous. Three hours later, I hopped on another plane to make the trip back to Cordoba at 9 AM. Finally, I got to my parents' house at 1 PM, about ten hours after the original arrival time. The experience really forced me to use the little Portuguese I do know,because I was in a bit of a panic trying to figure out what was going on. I also managed to communicate with the airline workers at the airport in Porto Alegre, Brazil to use a telephone (which at first they wanted me to pay for, but I convinced them to allow me a free long distance call...nicely of course) to call my parents and let them know what had happened.

Anyway, now I'm here, and its been really pleasant. The weather is much colder than Campinas, but still not as cold as I had imagined. I love being near mountains though... The air feels cleaner, and it's a really beautiful landscape. It's all very relaxing :)
Last night my mom had an early birthday party. It was nice to see so much family, and catch up. My favorite cousin Mercedes came, as well as my first cousin Nacho from Buenos Aires. My aunt Alicia brought four exchange students that are staying at her house for a month, and I talked a lot with them too. Three of the girls were from France (and they spoke really good English, and some basic Spanish) and one of the girls was from Texas. They were all really friendly, and had a lot of questions about Cordoba. I took them to the Che Guevara museum down the road from my parents house, and they seemed to really enjoy it.
The rest of the night we ate (A LOT), sang, danced,and had some pretty good times. I'm happy I was able to come here before starting my job in Campinas. I like having a big family, and the fact that they only see me once a year, but we always pick up right where we left off. All the young people in the family are really warm, and they know how to have a good time.

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