Saturday, 24 July 2010

Pictures from Cordoba!

I figured out I had to change the size of the pictures to get them to load (at least until I get a faster internet connection). So sorry if they're a bit small...
Below is a picture of Luc's birthday dinner at Las Margaritas which I had to include, just because I miss those mariachis (and Chuck) like whoa. I can only hope I'll find some mariachis in this town too!

Uncle Charly
Didi making hot chocolate in the kitchen

My mom playing Bananagrams

My cousin Nacho (Ignacio) dressed up as a lady of the night to celebrate inheriting this hat from my dad. He's pretty hilarious. He and Luc are only a day apart in age.

Uncle Charly and my mom singing at her birthday party. My mom is that blur in the middle. Flash looked bad, and there wasn't much light, hence the blurriness.

Nacho with an American exchange student we met. She was from Texas.. He taught her how to dance cuarteto!


  1. i know they are tiny files but these pics look amazing chami.

  2. Your family looks super fun : ) I want to inherit a hat...

  3. I love the bluriness of the one photo. it makes it more exciting!