Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Back in Campinas

and how nice it is too! Being away made me like this place even more.. As soon as I got off the plane my mood brightened. Today the high was 75 degrees..and there are beautiful flowers everywhere you look. So green and lovely. I think I may do a post of just pictures of flowers one day soon.

I'm writing this post with about a total of two hours of sleep within the last 40 hours. Tuesday night was Dia del Amigo in Argentina, and I spent it my friend Malena and a few of her close friends. They decided to get together at this cute apartment in Nueva Cordoba and make dinner. It consisted of homemade ravioli stuffed with chicken and spinach, and a creamy deliciousmeltinyourmouth sauce. I really liked the group and was able to answer a lot of questions they had about the States (two of them are taking a trip to Florida in the fall). I also got to hear really funny stories about growing up together (they all have known each other since middle school). I stayed there till about 2 am, then went back to where my folks were so we could get a ride to the airport for Campinas. The flight left super early so we had to be at the airport at around 4:30. After a three hour wait in Porto Alegre, (where I saw a DOUBLE rainbow y'alll) we got to Campinas at noon.

The superintendent of the school picked us up. He's a really genuine guy, and I know I'm going to like working for him. He and my parents hit it off really well too. They've lived in a lot of the same places (LA, San Diego, Quito) and he loves wine and golf about as much as my dad does.
He took us to EAC (my new school) and we had lunch there. He also showed me my classroom, which is spacious and has large windows that let in a lot of sunlight. The chairs are all different colors, ala rainbow. There are two enormous banyan trees outside, and monkeys in them.
He also showed us the main office, where the secretary had designed a little greenhouse full of all kinds of bromeliads and orchids. Orchids happen to be my favorite flower ever. I've tried having them at home, but they never do so well for some reason or another. She assured me that they grow really well here in Campinas because of the moderate climate. I think I'm going to have to fill my balcony with them.

All in all, I'm getting more and more excited about this new job. The school is so beautiful, and I'll be posting pictures of the campus soon. All the hallways are outdoors, and you can tell that everyone really appreciates and respects the natural beauty the campus offers. Their preschool is also a montessori school, which is something I have always been interested in learning more about.

By the way, I tried to post pictures of Cordoba in this post, but it was taking reallllly long. I tried uploading them from IPhoto. Am I doing something wrong? Are the files too big?

Well, if you can help, give me a comment por favor.
Ate logo,


  1. Hey Camille! I'm so jealous of your classroom with MONKEYS outside (?!?!) Whenever I've uploaded pictures onto my blog I've clicked on the little picture icon, then 'choose file', then under media select 'photos', then 'iphoto', then hit 'choose' when you've highlighted the picture you want... other than that maybe select 'small' and make sure that the layout isn't 'none'... I hope you figure it out I really want to see Campinas!
    Liz S.

  2. wow, the school sounds ideal. way to go! : )

  3. Turns out its my internet provider.. I have a pretty slow connection. The internet people are coming today and I'm going to ask for a faster speed. Sooo pictures soon, I promise!